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Coming Friday August 7th

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Eve of Destruction Rule Update

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Eve of Destruction Competitor Update

Dixie Motor Speedway has elected to maintain the 2014 Eve of Destruction (EOD) rulebook. EOD rules will remain the same as the previous season in a continuing effort to minimize the cost of competing for race teams. The unchanged rules will be in effect for all EOD divisions including; Chain-Gang, Crash Cars, Flag Pole and Trailer F-8’s. All technical rules will remain the same for the enduro class, including Dixie Motor Speedway allowing both the fuel injected and carbureted engines.

Dixie Motor Speedway is excited to announce, this season, the enduro race will make the switch from the oval, to the figure eight track. “The figure eight enduro will add a new exciting element to the show for the fans, while simultaneously leveling the playing field for the drivers” stated Dixie Motor Speedway promoter Mike Kern. There will also be changes in the purse, a 60% increase in start money for this season. All EOD events will now pay $40 to start. The season opening event at the Dixie Motor Speedway will be Friday, June 5th for the first ever Eve of Destruction enduro figure-8, brought to you by Draper Auto-Saginaw, MI. All EOD classes will be in action including the School Bus Figure-8.

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2015 DMS Schedule

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2015  DMS Schedule

On two shows left - Don't miss them!!!

Friday - Aug. 7 - THE BIG ONE XIII - Draper Toyota Night at the Races - Main Event Racing Series, Top Speed Modifieds and School Bus Figure-8's

Saturday - Sept 12 - Eve of Destruction - TBD

*Schedule subject to change!

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email mailing list

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