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Dixie 2014

Update Spring is just around the corner and that means racing. But it won’t be racing “as usual” at Dixie this year.

Our apologies for not getting the word out sooner on what to expect this year at Dixie, but it proved problematic to get all the variables nailed down, all at once, with certainty. We have rec’d many inquiries regarding the 2014 racing season; will we be open, what will the schedule be, what about seating? Understandably, there are lots of questions.

It typically has not been our approach to announce what we are doing before we do it. From bathrooms and offices, to new track lighting and the new half-mile, we tried not to talk too much about our ideas because there are always unexpected developments that can derail the best laid plans.

Of course, the grandstand issue has resulted in many inquiries about the upcoming season. After much thoughtful consideration and prayer as well as research and consultation, we had our plan in place. And as we had occasion to talk to racers, sponsors, and fans, we were a bit more open about what our plans were. We determined the best approach was to replace (rather than upgrade) the grandstand. So we had our best option in place and began to move forward; permanent seating with lots of leg room on a large earthen berm. However, we did not consider what impact the most severe winter in decades would have on our timetable. With the frost deeper than usual and significantly more snow than we have had since the 60’s and 70’s, this has derailed our plans to open in the spring. It’s been so cold, even our furnace froze. (Once again….we should’ve kept our plans silent until they began to unfold.)

So, consequently, we have abandoned Plan “A” and are now looking at Plan “B”. Plan “B” involves conventional bleacher seating. We do have a line on new bleachers, but if any of you knows of good used bleachers, please let us know.

To bring you up to date if you haven’t already heard, Dixie’s main grandstand has been demolished in order to make room for new seating. But our season opener will still be pushed back to June. We would’ve been hard pressed to open before August with Plan “A”.

Considering our current circumstances, we will be running a “special event only” schedule in 2014. Thus far, it includes the Main Event Series, Super Sprint Series and Eve of Destruction events, with the first event tentatively set for June 6. Six to eight events are expected. The support divisions have yet to be determined.

We appreciate the support we have received from all of you over the years and trust that you understand our situation. Our first priority is to open and then we can take a look at everything else, but for the time being, we must give that all of our attention.

Thanks, Mike and Krista

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